Diving Paradise

There are many reasons why travelers are drawn to the shores of this tiny twin island republic nestled at the southernmost end of the Caribbean archipelago. Our visitor in this interview made a stop here on her travel route to not just explore the islands but to earn her diving certification.

Meet Andrea Grman of Austria

Andrea all ready for Trinidad’s Carnival revelry.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to visit Trinidad and Tobago.

I am a dancer, writer, diver and travel blogger from Austria. I decided to come to T&T mostly for diving. I booked a Dive Master course in Tobago, but then also ended up spending the whole month of carnival in Trinidad. This was especially fun for me as a dancer.

Visitors often say that the energy of the people is the most captivating characteristic of the islands. What stood out for you the most about T&T?

T&T has a very special vibe. It’s hard to describe and difficult to tell what it really is that makes it so special, but the energy of the people is definitely exceptional. People there simply know how to enjoy themselves. Of course, they know how to party, but it’s not only about parties and fetes. There is a general ‘joie de vivre’, a vitality that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Photo – On the road for Carnival Monday revelry

You had the pleasure of staying on both islands. What were some of the main activities you enjoyed on each?

I am big nature lover. Hiking is my meditation. This was something I was very excited about on both islands. I went to the Angel Falls and Rincon Falls in Trinidad. I hiked in the rain forest and on Flagstaff Hill in Tobago. Every hike was stupendous. The abundance of birds and plants that you see all over the islands is incredible.

Photo – Rincon Waterfall, Trinidad

Local shopping be it culinary, craft or art is a must do for vacationers everywhere. Share with us a few of your purchases and what delighted you about them.

As a traveler, I try to reduce my purchases to the essentials, since I have only very limited space available in my suitcase. I really enjoyed the local craft and art and I told myself that I will definitely need to come with an empty suitcase next time to take some of it home. However, I really enjoy the chocolate in Trinidad. I probably tried every single flavor in one of my favorite shops – the Cocoa Pod – and couldn’t help myself but get some for my friends and family as well. Chocolate is the perfect gift, I believe, because it always makes people happy.

Photo – Featured: Artisan chocolate made by The Cocoa Pod

If you had to recommend one thing that visitors to the islands must experience what would that be?

That’s a difficult one. I might be a bit biased towards that, but I definitely recommend everyone to go diving in Speyside. If you think nature above sea level is incredible, just go below. Try it once and you will never want to go anywhere else in your life anymore.

Photo – Life beneath the water at Speyside, Tobago

Images courtesy Andrea Grman.

Prepared by Marva Mitchell

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